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At a last meeting of the zodiac, Akito comes dressed in a woman's kimono, a gift from Shigure. Akito apologizes and tells them she will now live as a woman and remain head of the family, but they are free to go where they will; as she speaks, she remembers her recent argument with Shigure about their relationship and realizes she loves him. Rin tells Tohru she cannot forgive Akito and wonders how others seem to move on so easily, and Tohru recognizes the Sohmas all need time to heal. Yuki makes plans to apply to a distant university. Kyo waits for Tohru to finish her exams, and other classmates are astonished at how much Kyo has changed his opinion about girls.

To give Kyo a hard time, Hanajima and Uotani tag along when he and Tohru go on their first real date, but they realize he's thought of plans to complete with Tohru. When Kyo and Tohru later visit her mother's grave alone, he tells Tohru he wants to train at a different dojo than Kazuma's, in another city, and Tohru agrees to go with him. A flashback shows Kyoko's dying thoughts, as she regrets leaving Tohru alone, and that Kyoko's last words to Kyo were cut off before she could say "if you do not protect Tohru".

At graduation, as everyone prepares to depart, Shigure moves in with Akito, and each Sohma has flashbacks of memories of time with Tohru. Yuki thanks Tohru for helping "raise him" to become human and how she acted like a mother to him and how he enjoyed his time with her, as did everyone else. In the final pages, Tohru and Kyo's granddaughter searches for them but is told by her mother they are taking a walk together, and are shown holding hands.

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