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Kyo visits his father and admits guilt in the death of his mother, but refuses to be locked away forever. While his father is still screaming at him for ruining his life and how he should disappear, Kyo remembers when he was younger how his father would not just scream over him telling him to disappear but also his mother. Kyo also remembers the day his mother committed suicide that he wanted his mother to live and he didn't want her to be thrown away while she was still alive. Finally Kyo recalls that he also doesn't want to throw anything away and he will do what he can as long as he is alive to live. Meanwhile, Akito orders the cat's prison destroyed, despite his ancestor's wishes. Kyo and Akito both think about needing to move on from their fathers.

As Hiro tells Kisa he is free of the curse, they meet Kyo throwing up afterwards in the street caused by the stress of confronting his father. As Kisa offers him help, Kyo sees the image of Tohru in her. When Akito tells Hanajima and Uotani about stabbing Kureno, Hanajima "senses" that Akito is female — that Akito is the "other woman" that Kureno had promised to stay with. Hanajima, Uotani, and Yuki continue to ban Kyo from visiting Tohru in the hospital, because she is still hurt by his rejection. Kureno tells Uotani he is leaving Akito, and she tells him she will go where he does and later helps him move out of the main house.

When Tohru is discharged, she sees Kyo and runs away. At the same time that Kyo chases Tohru, Yuki calls Machi and ask to meet. When Kyo catches up with Tohru, he apologizes and tells her he loves her and won't need any more chances because this is it. He kisses her and also confesses that it's not the first time they've kissed. Tohru asks if she can hug him, and he warns her that his transformation may be the cause of hardship together; Tohru doesn't mind since it's Kyo. They hug, but Kyo does not transform—his curse is broken.

As Akito feels Kyo's curse break, she remembers in flashback visiting Tohru in the hospital, and tells her father's memory she is stepping forward despite fear, before saying goodbye. All the remaining zodiac animals are shown realizing the curse is gone, and each one cries "like the day I was first born in the world". Yuki is with Machi when his curse lifts, and in his grief embraces and kisses her. The story of the zodiac's origin is retold, this time showing the god as a lonely and selfish being, who befriends the cat first of the animals.

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