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Kyo tells Tohru that her mother's last words were "I won't forgive you", and asks how Tohru could forgive him if he cannot forgive himself. Tohru rejects the either/or choice along with her mother's supposed judgment, saying she loves him. Kyo says he's 'disillusioned' and he runs away, Yuki chases after him, and as Tohru follows she meets Akito, still carrying the knife. Akito tells Tohru she must feel triumphant that she has won, and cuts her on the arm. Tohru, thinking that she still loves Kyo despite his rejection, tells Akito she must be lonely amid all his fears. She offers a fresh start, introducing herself and asking if they can be friends.

Before Akito can take her hand, the cliff she stands on crumbles and she falls. Shigure and Yuki respond to Akito's cry for help. Kyo returns to the house and learns of Tohru's accident, and runs to where she lies unconscious; Yuki is there first. She wakes long enough to tell him she is okay before falling unconscious, and Kyo kisses her. That evening, Yuki confronts Kyo for not going to the hospital with Tohru. Kyo says it was better that Yuki was there, as he cannot protect her himself.

As they fight, they each admit they envy and admire the other for different reasons, an argument Yuki wins by saying Kyo is the only one who can make Tohru happy and he doesn't have to protect her like a super hero would. Hanajima and Uotani, however, are not as forgiving and ban Kyo from visiting her until he proves he is sorry. At the hospital, Momiji tells Akito that to make up for her deeds, she needs to cherish Kureno and Tohru, after which Akito visits Tohru. Yuki, feeling lonely and needing to reach out, buys Machi a gift—a figurine of an anime character, Mogeta, she especially likes. They admit they are glad they found each other and hold hands.

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