You may call him creepy, I call him a life saver. He played quite a role in his sister, Saki Hanajima's's a shame they didn't recognize that in the anime...this is why I like the manga more. But really, he may be a minor character, but that doesn't make him not important. He's important to that not enough? I said he was a life saver for a reason. If it wasn't for him, Saki would not be who she is now. He plays a vital role, and that, I say, is worth mentioning more than once. He believed in her, even when she herself was about to give up. His prayer gave her a second chance, a clean slate. You may think he's wierd, you may think he's scary, but if you read the manga, you'll see the light that shines through. This is why he's my favorite character...he'll do anything to make his sister happy. He'll do anything to comfort her...that's how a brother should treat his sister. :)

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