Shigure was finishing his newest manuscript for his editor when he noticed that the mail had arrived. He looked at what he had been delivered: the usual bills he had to pay and a letter that had never been opened. He tore the envelope and started to read. It was from Akito. It read: Shigure, this is goodbye. I know now that there are many precious things in life and I feel ashamed for not noticing them. Tohru Honda has made me see that. When you and Yuki brought her to me, I was angry because she didn't know what she came for. I almost killed her, but then she told me things I was confused to hear. She said that she wanted to know me more: what I liked, what I disliked, how I felt; she just wanted to know me better. I just replied with "I don't know..." because I was touched. Nobody had shown me that kindness except you, Shigure. You loved me with all your heart. I am thankful to you and Tohru. I will start a new life and leave the old one behind. To no longer have to do anything with the Sohma curse. That means you too, Shigure. I must leave you forever to forget everything. Forget our memories together. Forget what we could've had together. Everything. I had Hatori erase my memories the moment I was sure about this. He was hesitant, but he did as he was told. What ever happens after that, it will be my own decision now that I'm free from all the sadness the curse has brought upon the whole family. I will start a new life in the United States. Don't try to find me. It's better that you move on and live your life knowing I am happy. Please forget, for me. Thanks, Akito Sohma.
The manga version of Shigure Sohma

At the end of the letter, next to the signature of Akito, there were kisses with red lipstick. Probably made by Akito. Shigure broke into tears. While he was crying, his tears washed away the letter's writing. "No, Akito. I WILL find you, I promise", Shigure said. He took his coat and packed his suitcase. He tucked the letter into his pocket and headed for the airport.

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