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  • Spinno

    "Sir, what is this letter I'm reading?", Akito said as she was reading the letter. "It kind of looks like...

    She looked at Shigure, he looked at her back..." I..."

    "wrote it? You did, I was your boyfriend, and you loved me and I loved you, but you wanted to forget a curse, so you had your memory erased and you made a new life" Shigure said, almost to tears.

    Akito finished reading the letter, her eyes shifted..."Shigure...?"

    "AKITO! I knew you would remember, I missed you so much, I'm so glad you're back!" Shigure said with glee.

    Akito:"Why did you come, I told you I wanted to be alone and not remember the horrible thngs that have happened beacuse of me and that stupid curse, why?"

    "Because I love you, I wanted to remember you, it was kill…

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  • Spinno

    "Sir, what is this letter I'm reading?", Akito asked.

    Shigure froze, not knowing what to say. He was happy that she found it that perhaps it would restore any memory she had of him, but he soon was sad because Hatori erased everything, but could that letter do the trick?

    "It's an old letter from my girlfriend, um, Amara Sonja", Shigure lied. "we broke up since last year and, um, i was kind of looking for her, hoping she would take me back, but now I'm not so sure, she problably forgot about me..."

    Akito wasn't listening. She was reading the letter over and over, trying to make sense of it. She recognized it was her handwriting, but she didn't remember writing it...ever.

    "Uh, this letter, was it written by me?", she asked, already knowing the a…

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  • Spinno

    "Were you looking for me, sir?", a woman asked.

    Shigure turned around and couldn't believe his eyes. It really was Akito. She dyed her hair red, was wearing punk clothes although Shigure could see the tattered kimono underneath and was holding a handful of cash.

    "Um, sir?" Akito said.

    "Yes, yes, Akito I've found you, my love!!!", Shigure replied.

    "YOUR LOVE????" Akito responded.

    "Why, yes, my dear, don't you...

    It suddenly occurred to him. Akito had said in her letter that she had Hatori brainwash her, now she didn't remember anything from the past.

    "Look, sir. We just met, how can I be your love?" Akito asked.

    "It's nothing, you just remind me of my old girlfriend," Shigure lied, wanting to die.

    "Well why don't we sit down and have coffee and just…

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  • Spinno

    A plane soared by, leaving Tokyo. It's destination, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. It's passengers: business men, family members, crazy teens and Shigure Sohma. His mission: to find his love, Akito Sohma, who wrote a goodbye letter to him and started a new life, and he was determined to find her.

    When Shigure got off the plane, he got settled into a hotel. In his suite, he unpacked his things: one suit, another kimono, sushi he bought from the supermarket, a comb and Akito's letter. He reclined on his bed and thought about where to find Akito. He tried the phone book and found three different people with the same name. He dialed each of the numbers, hoping one of them was the Akito he knew and loved. The first was a lady that had her nam…

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  • Spinno

    Shigure was finishing his newest manuscript for his editor when he noticed that the mail had arrived. He looked at what he had been delivered: the usual bills he had to pay and a letter that had never been opened. He tore the envelope and started to read. It was from Akito. It read: Shigure, this is goodbye. I know now that there are many precious things in life and I feel ashamed for not noticing them. Tohru Honda has made me see that. When you and Yuki brought her to me, I was angry because she didn't know what she came for. I almost killed her, but then she told me things I was confused to hear. She said that she wanted to know me more: what I liked, what I disliked, how I felt; she just wanted to know me better. I just replied with "I …

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