There Are No Memories It's OK to Forget is the fifteenth episode of Fruits Basket.


Tohru, Arisa, Kyo, Saki and Yuki visit Kyoko's grave to recoginize the 1 year aniversary of her death. They leave flowers and have a picnic.

Momiji Sohma visits Tohru Honda at her work and Tohru stumbles upon a picture of Momiji's mother. Momiji informs Tohru of his sister, Momo. He also tells her how when he was born, his mother rejected him with her entire body. It shows Momiji as a little boy being told by his father that if she got the memory of him erased, she would get better. Momiji's mother is shown talking to Hatori, and he asks if she has any last regrets. She responds with "My greatest regret is that that thing ever came out of my body". Her memory is erased of Momiji.

Back to present time, Momiji's mother and Momo walk into the room where Tohru and Momiji are, and tells Momiji he should get home soon, his mother is probably worried sick. After she and Momo leave, Tohru cries.



  • Uo seems to have dyed the jacket she got from Kyoko, as a flashback showed it as red.


There Are No Memories Its OK to Forget
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