Tohru Honda

Closeup of Tohru

The Strangest Day is the first episode of Fruits Basket.



Fruits Basket English Dub Episode 1 Part 1 of 3 HQ00:00

Fruits Basket English Dub Episode 1 Part 1 of 3 HQ

Part 1 (English). Parts 2&3:

The episode starts off with showing Tohru coming out from her tent. She was walking to school and notices a house. She goes to check it out and sees zodiac ornaments on the porch. Shigure makes his first appearance and talks to Tohru about the ornaments. Yuki appears and is Shigure's cousin. Yuki and Tohru walk to school. Saki and Arisa are introduced. After school, Tohru goes to work then comes back home to her tent. Shigure and Yuki find her. They bring her to their house. Then a landslide happened by Tohru's tent. Tohru gets invited by Shigure and Yuki to live with them. Then she meets a hot-headed, orange-hair boy, Kyo, who is Yuki and Shigure's cousin.


The Strangest Day
Episode 1
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