The Sohma Curse is the second episode of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket Episode 2 Part 1 English09:54

Fruits Basket Episode 2 Part 1 English

Part 1. Part 2&3:



Tohru, yuki, kyo and shigure

Tohru showing the postman the animals (from left to right): Kyo, Shigure and Yuki

The episodes starts off with Tohru running to a postman with the animal forms of Shigure, Yuki and Kyo whom she has accidentally touched when a wooden plank hits her head. Tohru exclaims at the postman to do something but the postman thinks Tohru's being crazy and passes her the mail. The dog (S
Shigure getting mail

Shigure getting his mail

higure) seems to be clever enough to help out his 'owner' to get the mail.
Shigure explaining

Shigure explains the curse

After the postman left, Shigure explains the curse. Shigure states that the Sohma family has this curse for generations. Whenever they are hugged by the opposite sex, they would transform. He casually tells Tohru that Yuki is the rat, he is the dog and Kyo is the cat. Shigure then warned Tohru that when they changed (halfway they changed back), they are naked. A shocked Tohru runs into the wall.

Shigure's and yuki's transformation dust

Shigure's dust (blue) and Yuki's dust (pinkish)

Kyo's transformation dust

Kyo's dust (orange)

The next day, she has her school uniform washed after a dirty night.

Kyo shigure and yuki transforms back

The trio transforms back to their human bodies naked, shocking Tohru Honda


Trivia Edit

  • The postman only sees Yuki, Kyo and Shigure as animals.
  • The Prince Yuki Fanclub bullies Tohru the second time.


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