Satsuki Sohma is the mother of Hiro Sohma and Hinata Sohma. She has made very few appearances in the manga, her most important being when her son's curse was broken, and she hugged him along with her daughter, who Hiro was holding. At one point, Shigure Sohma decided to mess with Mayuko and came up with the lie that she and Hatori Sohma were dating.


Vol. 14 - Ch. 78

According to Hiro, his mother is a klutz, always not watching her steps and falling down. She's also extremely cheerful and very kind-hearted, especially towards her children. Unlike most mothers of possessed children, she's very doting towards her son.

Role in Story


When Hiro was born, she didn't reject him nor became over-protective of him, instead simply saying that she loves the sheep. She broke the barriers of all Sohma mothers having possessed children.

During Summer Vacation

After Summer Vacation

It is said that she gave life to Hinata, Hiro's sister, sometime after the Sohmas had their summer vacation.


  • She does not appear in the anime.