Cheer pose from left to right: Mio, Minami and Mai

The Prince Yuki Fan Club is a large group of girls that claim to love Yuki Sohma and are determined to have him for their own (meaning that no other girl can have him). The group considers Tohru Honda to be a witch, and Saki Hanajima to be a demon who protects her. They all love Yuki, but none have a chance of winning him, for he falls in love with Machi Kuragi. Also they can't date him because of the rule.

In the second volume, when Tohru finally tells Saki and Arisa Uotani that she lives with Yuki, Arisa notes that she understands why Tohru was afraid to tell them, and the Prince Yuki Fan-Club members appear on the side, which means that Arisa was referring to them as the source of Tohru's fear.

Also, every time they appear they sing a small cheer;

We love Yuki, Yuki!
L-L-L-L-L-L-L-Love, l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-love!" and then pose dramatically as shown in the picture above.


  1. Do not steal the Prince's private property.
  2. Do not enter the Prince's house.
  3. While talking to the Prince, you must be accompanied by at least two other members.
  4. You call the Prince by the following names by year:
    1. 1st years- Yuki Sohma-kun (Prince Yuki Sohma)
    2. 2nd years- Sohma-kun (Prince Yuki)
    3. 3rd years- Yuki-kun (Yuki)
  5. And so on...

The rules also include elaborate "poetry", but it really means, "Don't steal him, jerk!"

Shown MembersEdit

Prince yuki fan club amv:

You belong with me by Taylor Swift, follow the link

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