Natsuki Takaya is the author of Fruits Basket and Fruits Basket Another. Her astrological sign is cancer or scorpio. She loves to draw girly-girls like Kagura Sohma and drawing really frilly dresses. She also has said that she couldn't wait to make a character cross-dress, and then made Yuki Sohma do it in Volume 2.

More About Natsuki Takaya

Natsuki Takaya is a sometimes a day person and sometimes a night person. When she's working, she often listens to various Japanese music and games soundtracks. She is left-handed. She never shares her motto with anyone. Her favorite foods are abalone, cotton candy, curry, soba, udon, and crepes. She doesn't like peppers. She has said that sometimes, she cries for no particular reason, and afterward likes to "happily eat rice." Her favorite season is autumn. She loves dogs that pee on her lawn. She wishes she'd been born in the year of the bird. The first video game she's ever played was Romancing Saga for the Super Nintendo. The first manga she's ever read was probably Doraemon. When Natsuki was in the hospital, she discovered an interest for baseball. 

Personal Information

"Natuski Takaya" is actually her pen name. Her real name is public, but a lot do not know what it is. Natsuki became a manga artist simply because her sister "told her to", and the fact that she wanted to since she was in first grade, when her sister started drawing. She once injured her drawing hand, therefore Fruits Basket went on hiatus. 

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