Naohito Sakuragi (or Nao-chan, Chibi-suke, Chibi-chan) is a first year student who is working in the student council with Yuki Sohma, Kakeru Manabe, Kimi Toudou, and Machi Kuragi. He serves as a secretary.




Nao has a very hot temper and cannot put up with Kakeru's goofing off. He considers himself as Yuki's rival, because he has a crush on Motoko Minagawa, who loves Yuki. Naohito has two older sisters, and has a middle-class up-bringing. He has a sister complex, and is very used to rushing around to do things.


Naohito has brown hair and brown eyes. He is never shown smiling. He has also been noted for being shorter than other people.

Role in Story

He, like Kimi, is a minor character in the story, and has not had any interaction with anyone within the Sohmas other than Yuki and Ayame (including Tohru Honda).


Vol. 18 - Ch. 102

Naohito in chapter 102