The characters in the inter-anime, Mogeta

Mogeta is an anime story created by Natsuki Takaya inside Fruits Basket. It involves a story of a boy named Aritamis Donpanina Taios (Ari for short) and a female creature that looks a bit like Pikachu from Pokemon named Mogeta. Takaya-sensei decided the genders herself, and claims they are lousy decisions. Machi Kuragi, Hiro Sohma, Kisa Sohma, and Kagura Sohma along with Tohru Honda, are fans of Mogeta. Some consider it to be shoujo. Akito Sohma is also mentioned to be a fan of Ari, and wants to purchase an Ari plush doll.

During the school festival, a person dressed up as Mogeta was seen, which Haru points out to Kisa. Kisa is then seen alongside Mogeta.

Takaya-san said that Mogeta is a female and Ari is a guardian.

Kyo, Tohru, Kagura, and Yuki are also seen going to see it on a double date.