Minami (light brown hair) and friends.

Minami is a member of the Prince Yuki Fan Club, born to the year of the tiger and adores Yuki Sohma. She has been a subject of Saki Hanajima's waves, and has a fierce temper. She first appeared in Volume 1.


Minami is a headstrong, second year high school girl who loves Yuki and will stop at nothing to prove her love towards him! She is under the control of Motoko Minigawa, who is the leader of the Yuki fan club. She is next in line to becoming leader and she probably has big plans for the pri-yuki! (laugh). She usually hangs round with other 'Yuki fans' such as herself. In a nutshell, her life is Yuki.


She has dirty blond hair usually up in pigtails tied up with 2 pink elastics. She has brown eyes with a small gold pin on her uniform.

Role in Story

She is first seen demanding to know why Tohru Honda was seen walking with Yuki Sohma, with her fellow Prince Yuki Fan Club members standing at the side, agreeing with her. They leave, however, when Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima arrive, with Arisa threatening with her "gangster body" and Saki preparing to use her electro-poison waves.

When Tohru walks home with Yuki once again, Minami and her friends are seen hiding, telling her, "Don't get a swelled head!"

In the manga, whenever Tohru says anything at school, Minami is the one who instantly goes against it, simply to spite her. When she talks to Tohru in the manga, because it's always hateful, Arisa and Hanajima would instantly appear and tell her that what's ugly was her jealousy.