Komaki Nakao is Kakeru Manabe's girlfriend. She first appeared in volume 19 of the manga. She was mentioned previously in the manga but was never seen or named.

Komaki's father was the driver of the car that killed Tohru's mother, Kyoko Honda. Because of the amount of speed he was driving, the sudden stop caused him to die in the accident also. Tohru and Komaki hold a sad connection because they lost one of their parents in the same accident. Coincidentally, they also share some similar personality traits. Komaki appears as a kind and cheerful person who loves Kakeru very much. She loves meat, causing Kakeru to call her his "Meat ☆ Angel".


Komaki has shoulder length, light brown hair, and large eyes. She has an average figure and is of average height. She has a happy expression on her face most of the time.


Komaki is a very sweet girl and is apparently very gullible, believing everything Kakeru says despite his history of teasing her by telling her falsehoods. One example is Komaki believed Kakeru when he told her that Yuki Sohma was really a girl who had to dress as a boy due to family issues. When she exclaimed how amazed she was that Yuki looked just like a boy, Kakeru then told her it was a lie and both Yuki and Komaki chased after him in a rage. She seems to be very in love with Kakeru, whom she had been friends with in middle school and eventually fell in love with him.

She also loves meat to the extent that it sometimes appears she cares about meat more than Kakeru. Kakeru jokingly called her "Meat ☆ Angel" to which she responded by hitting him on the head. Komaki bears many similar traits to Tohru Honda--both are kind-hearted, gullible, and sensitive, but Komaki seems slightly more confident and focused than Tohru, and reacts more when she gets angry.


Kakeru Manabe

Komaki and Kakeru

Komaki and Kakeru.

Kakeru and Komaki have been dating since middle school. They seem to have a very good relationship and love each other very much, but there are also times where Kakeru likes to mess with Komaki. At these times she usually runs after him and hits him when she catches up. They seem to live together; as their parents are practically never home.

Tohru Honda

Although they are never seen talking directly to one another, they seem to worry about each others well beings, for the fact that both lost one of their parents in the same accident. Kakeru thought that Tohru was being insensitive to Komaki's feelings and felt that she thought she was the only one who deserved to be pitied, so at Kyoko Honda's funeral, he confronted Tohru telling her that she disgusted him for this reason. When Komaki found out about it, though, she became very upset at her boyfriend for his own insensitivity and that he shouldn't just decide who was more miserable.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki and Komaki can relate to each other fairly well as both are targets to Kakeru's constant teasing. They seem to have a good friendship, as Komaki wishes for Yuki to visit her and Kakeru more often. Yuki finds Komaki to be very cute and Komaki thinks that Yuki is very pretty and kind. When she first met Yuki, she thought that he was a girl, because Kakeru told her that he was a crossdresser. When she realized the truth, both Yuki and Komaki chased Kakeru and hit him, and a highly embarrassed Komaki profusely apologized for the error.