Kimi Toudou is a secretary in the student council, along with Naohito Sakuragi. Kakeru Manabe is the vice president, Yuki Sohma is the president, and Machi Kuragi the treasurer.


She is very giggly and happy, and talks about herself in the third person, such as saying, "Kimi says yes!". Minami Kinoshita, one of the members of the Prince Yuki Fan Club, describes her as a woman who "deceives men with her looks" and calls her a "devilish woman" (which is true.) She once flirted with a teacher in order to get him to give the student council a whiteboard.

Kimi tells the council that the reason she does this is because a group of girls told her that she could get anything she wanted if she used her looks (though Kimi didn't realize that they were trying to be rude). She tends to be violent at times too, like punching Kakeru in the stomach when he tried to tell Yuki about Kimi's true nature.

Story OverviewEdit

During Summer VacationEdit

After Summer VacationEdit


Vol. 13 - Ch. 77
  • She is probably a first-year student when the manga starts.
  • She is in Class 2-A when in her manga debut.
  • She does not appear in the anime.
  • flirts with almost any boy.

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