This episode is called "The Strangest Day." We start off seeing the main character, Tohru Honda, looking into a sky with a tent in the background. Tohru goes into the tent and says, "See you later mom, take care of the house while I'm gone", to a picture of her mother. From this we see that Tohru is living in a tent. Tohru explains that she, untill last may of that story, she had just lived with her mom. But, her mom had an accident that killed her and Tohru has been living in a tent since then.

On the way to school, Tohru comes across a house. In front of the house, she sees clay scuptures of the twelve Zodiac animals. A man, who apparently lives there, come to the front door and talks to Tohru about the clay scupltures, which leads into a disscussion about the cat. Torhu has a flashback to when she was little and her mom was tells a story about a banquet, which God hosted, where all thirteen animals of the Zodiac where invited, inculding the cat. But the rat tricked the cat and the cat missed the banquet. Little Tohru then crys and declares she wanted to become a cat. We come back to then present and the man we met earlier say, "I wonder what he'll say when he hears he has a fan."

A little later we meet Yuki Sohma, the prince of Tohru's high school. We find out that the house is in fact Yuki's house, and the man we met is named Shigure, Yuki's older cousin. Yuki and Tohru end up walking to school together. The Prince Yuki Fan Club sees them, and interrogates Tohru in the hall. Arisa Uotani shows up, whom

Prince Yuki Fanclub girls.

the fan club calls a Yankee, and tells them to get lost. Saki Hanajima, another one of Tohru's friends, threatens to literally shock the girls. Tohru talks to Hana in class and Hana says she senses strange electric signals from Yuki. Then the yankee, Hana, and Torhu get into a discussion about how different Yuki is and how he pushed away a girl to keep her from hugging him. At the end of the day she bumps into Yuki again, and they walk together again. Yuki comments that Tohru is looking pale and should take better care of herself.

Later, Shigure and Yuki are walking in the woods when they come across Tohru coming back from work. Shigure burst into laughter,and Yuki told him that he was overdoing it. They go back to Yuki's house and she begs them to let her stay, except she faints because of her fever. Shigure says that there was a landslide. Confused Tohru asks how he knew, he replied " I guess you could say it's instinct." Yuki asks if it was close. They go to the tent and it's covered in dirt. She stays at Their house that night. and Yuki (and friends) dig out the tent. And she is invited to stay with them but,she does the housework. In the room, A boy comes crashing through the roof and challeges Yuki. Tohru trips over some wood and bumps into the boy. who turns into a cat. She panicks and she gets hit in the head with wood and bumps into Shigure and Yuki, who turn into a Dog and Rat. End of episode.