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Overall Story Edit

Fruits Basket is about how Tohru Honda join the Sohma Family and breaks their Curse. --For more

In the World of Fruits BasketEdit

There are some special cases in the world of Fruits Basket.

  1. Fruits Basket takes place over 2 years. Hence, most age would be placed as 16-18 or 26-28. If we do not know the ages, we would estimate them instead, like putting as 40s or 40s-50s.
  2. The "curse" in Fruits Basket is based on the Chinese Zodiac.
  3. All the characters are fictional, created by Natsuki Takaya-sensei.
  4. Some characters in Fruits Basket go to school. Please note that there are different age groups.

The AnimeEdit

Fruits Basket had an anime adaption, with a total of 26 episodes, covering 8 volumes. However do note that the anime doesn't really follow the manga closely. Do try to read the manga!

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