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Fruits Basket Another (フルーツバスケット another) is the sequel to the manga Fruits Basket, written by the original series' author and illustrator, Natsuki Takaya. The first chapter of the sequel was released on the "HanaLaLa" website as a web-series on September 4, 2015.

This sequel is only meant to be 2-3 volumes long, as it is a commemoration to the original series. Yen Press picked up the license for the manga, with the first volume releasing July 24, 2018.


The main protagonist is Sawa Mitoma, a very shy and self-conscious girl entering her first year of high school. She meets other main characters, Hajime Sohma and Mutsuki Sohma, the president and vice-president of the high school. It's Fruits Basket, all over again!

List of Volumes

Title Release Date ISBN
Fruits Basket Another, Volume 1 August 19, 2016 (JP)
July 24, 2018 (EN)
ISBN 978-4592218517 (JP)
ISBN 978-1975353391 (EN)
Fruits Basket Another, Volume 2 September 20, 2017 (JP)
November 13, 2018 (EN)
ISBN 978-4592218524 (JP)
ISBN 9781975382247 (EN)
Fruits Basket Another, Volume 3 TBA (JP)