Before Summer Vacation Arc takes place before Tohru and gang went for their summer vacation. It spans from volumes 1 - 8.

Going to New LifeEdit

Meeting Yuki and ShigureEdit

Meeting KyoEdit

Going homeEdit

Meeting KaguraEdit

Cultural FestivalEdit

Deciding the RiceballsEdit

Kyo and YukiEdit

The Strange German BoyEdit

Meeting of Momiji & HatoriEdit

Meeting of HatsuharuEdit

Going to the Main HouseEdit

New YearEdit

Decision to go to the Main HouseEdit

Returning to TohruEdit

Hatori's PastEdit

Back to SchoolEdit

A teenage boy is seen looking at a map in the neighbourhood. He is wearing punk-style clothes and having a black and white hairstyle. Having seemed to have identified the place he wants to, he hops onto a bicycle, much to many teenage girls dismay.

Endurance RaceEdit

Meeting of HatsuharuEdit

Hatsuharu's PastEdit

Appreciation DaysEdit

Valentine's DayEdit

White DayEdit

Truth of KyoEdit

Shishou appearsEdit

Kyo's Truth and PastEdit

Coming homeEdit

Visiting Shishou's houseEdit

Shishou's houseEdit

Meeting with Kyo's fatherEdit

Meeting the School CouncilEdit

Yuki meets Machi and KakeruEdit

Momiji's announcementEdit

Momiji bursts in to say that he has already made plans for the Sohmas plus Tohru to spend the summer vacation at the Sohmas summer house.

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