Ayame's Secret Life is the twentieth episode of Fruits Basket.



After Ayame advertises about his fabric store, Tohru and Yuki decide to pay him a visit. Once there, they are surprised to apprehend that it is a fabric store for males, stocked with outfits typically for females. Mine Kuramae, Ayame's assistant explains to Yuki all the types of uniform she wears, putting him in a state of confusion. Mine later decides to apparel Tohru in a golden dress, so that Ayama can spend time bonding with Yuki. Yuki is able to make Ayame realize that they are two different people, with opposite personalities. The kindness in Yuki is what Ayame admires. Near the end of the episode, it appears that Ayame is after creating good memories, either for him and Yuki separately, or together with Yuki, which is something that both don't have when they are younger. This is highly evident when Yuki cited that something good came out of his visit to his elder brother's shop. He gets to see a "very cute Honda-san." Yuki eventually would accept Ayame for who he is.


Ayame's Secret Life
Episode 20
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  1. This episode in the manga actually takes place after Shishou comes and show Tohru Kyo's true form.

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