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Arisa's Senpai is a minor female character who appears briefly in chapter 41 in book 7. Although a minor character she has made a major impact on Arisa Uotoni's life in her gang days and was the closest thing Arisa ever had to a mother after her biological mother left and Kyoko Honda came into her life. A rumor states that after she saved Arisa Uotoni's life she moved far, far away.


Arisa's Senpai has a unique look to her and has short black hair with a large mole just under her mouth. She stands to be about a six foot tall young woman. Being a "yankee" she dresses in a casual dress and a collard shirt most of the time. By her appearence in the manga she is about 17-19 years old.

Importance of the roll

In the manga Arisa's Senpai saves Arisa's life. Arisa was harrassed by her fellow gang members after she went "strait" and that is when Arisa's Senpai sprung into action. Knowing she could not defeat the gang by herself she rushed over to Kyoko Honda's house and alerted her of Arisa's danger. Once Kyoko saved Arisa's life Arisa's Senpai was never seen again.