Akira Sohma
Akito and father
Akira and Akito
Vital statistics
Name Akira Sohma
Kanji Name
Gender Male
Age 40s
Hair Color White/Blonde
Eye Color -
Family Ren Sohma (wife)
Akito Sohma (Daughter)
Shigure Sohma (son-in-law)
Shiki Sohma (grandson)
Cursed Year God (Before Akito)
Actual Year -
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Akira Sohma was the former head of the Sohma family. He was father to Akito Sohma and husband to Ren Sohma. Akira was the one who told Akito that she was the chosen child, a child born to be loved.


Akira was described as a beautifully kind person. However, he was also very melancholy, because those around him did not understand his loneliness and only treated him as head of the Sohma family. Ren was the first person to recognize his loneliness and fear of dying alone, and as such, she fell in love with him.

Story Overview

Akito's Past

When Akito was conceived, Ren threatened to abort her if Akira did not consent to raising her as a boy. Akira, afraid that Ren would keep her promise, agreed. Akira loved Akito as much as possible while Ren rarely looked at her. Akira once asked Ren why she refused to hold Akito, and Ren replied that she was more important than Akito. When Akira died, only Akito was present.

Ren came as soon as she could, but by that time Akira had passed away. Ren shouted that she should have been there, rather than this worthless child (Akito). Both Ren's claims of the bond being fake and Akira's death may have caused Akito to become as twisted, controlling and dependent as she is.